Some students haven't caught up on the previous work
You should be working on 2.5 and it completed by friday for the test
and also the revision sheets to be done as well
just in case you fail the test

Make sure 2.4 is done by now, all of it!

I shall be collecting your sheets on monday

Your new homework is section 2.3 in your book
please complete the "over to you" questions!

Old Homework
Homework From the Book by This Week

Section 2.1 "Over to you" Questions Attempt them All


Ionic Bonding
Section 2.2 "Over to you" Questions 1,2,3,4

Covalent Bonding
Section 2.2 "Over to you" Questions All the Rest (come to homework club for help)!!!
Due 8th of August

We shall be working from chapter 2
2.1 and 2.2
For those who want there A and B score you'll need to be working from the year 11 chemistry book
attached hereexternal image pdf.png 20110725095129215.pdf

external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png WIND PROJECT INVESTIGATION PRESENTATION.docx
The due date is the third week on the Monday, by that time we would have continued with chemistry.
The plan is to investigate solar panels during this week and your stelr books and work books are due then too.
I am planning to end this topic in the second week.

Hi All,
If you are looking for holiday homework it is to completed the question on page 55 in the STELR Book and to make sure the discussion in the wind power prac are finished.

Here is the revision sheet to be done in class and to be submitted into the submitt drive before the end of the class
external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png Extra Revision.docx

[THURSDAY 19/05/2011]
Hi Class,
So Here is the plan....
We all have exams coming up and science is one of them.
Since we haven't finished STELR we will have to postpone it for now and start revising for the exam.
The things we need to cover in STELR further is motors, generators, electrical power.
Some major projects on renewable wind energy and solar energy investigations.
This will be part of your major STELR assessment of for this term including how well you went on the exam.

The things I still need to cover till we start revision is motors, generators and electrical power.
These are the basic tool we'll need when we get into the renewable energy projects and also examinable.

Things to revise, we need to understand the basics of the atom chapter 2.1 in your science books.
We also need to revise the climate change topics as well.

Plan to spend all of next week on exam revision if things run well.

[MONDAY 15/05/2011]
For those who missed the last double, I had handed out a revision sheet on the topic of energy transfer and electricity.
external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png Science Revision.docx
We will be covering simple electric motor, generator and power.
Our final projects for stelr will be renewable wind energy project, and solar panel project.
While we are doing this, everyone will also need to revise climate change again, alot of you have not completed most of your climate change handouts
As a class we will need to do a pretest
Your student login PIN is here external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png CLASS PIN.docx


Please complete the global warming post test.

Also the energy efficiency and transformation post test

All these questions are examinable

After you have completed all TEST
Use you time effectively and finish any lab reports you have not done.
Especially the light globe one.....that is an important one...

Attached below is the circuit simulator, download into desktop and try it.
external image zip.png
external image zip.png

You can use this to construct circuits from your lab report to verify answers.
You may also continue with the second prac investigation in your hand out with the circuit simulator.
Which continues on from the last light globe prac we did for a better understanding of circuits

Finally if you like to do would like to do something else, revision of atom basics is crucial
external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png MORE REVISION QUESTIONS - ATOM.docx
And as part of self study refer to your text book, got through chapter 2

Pg. 28 Questions 1) 2) 7) 8)a) b) c) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 17)

See you all friday

[SUNDAY 17/04/11]

Hi All,
There was only one thing that needed to be done over the holidays and it was to finish the practical write up for
the bouncing ball experiment (if haven't already done so) and the Voltage = Current x Resistance Law.

In the next term we will continue with the basics of electricity then move into wind turbines and electricity generation from renewable sources.

[THURSDAY 24/03/11]
Hope you are all studying hard for the test, all worksheets are to be handed in by friday
Pass or fail will be determined by the amount of work and effort you have displayed during the term,
the amount I have seen from you and your test results.
Failing the test doesn't necessarily mean you fail the term but I will look at other things such as work ethic and effort.

REMEMBER your assignment is to be due in next week on Monday.

Good Luck on your study.......


It is coming to the end of this topic, i'd like to cut it shorter.
Make sure you have finished lesson work sheet from 1 to 7 by tommorow.
In tommorows lesson I will briefly talk about enhanced global warming, (lesson 8),
global dimming (lesson 9) these are the last two work sheet you need to do.
So overall just 1 to 9.

In class I will discuss the likely effects it will do to us (lesson 10) and what we can do about it (lesson 11).

I will be running the test next week on friday.
If you have any completed sheets hand them by this week.
and work on the rest over the weekend to be handed in by wednesday next week.

Your assignment is to be due the following next after the test.

Good luck on your science work.

PS. your assessment will be based on your worksheets, test and assignment.
And to be reported in interim report.

]‍[WEDNESDAY 02/03/2011]

Hello my year 10 Science Class.

We were meant to be covering lessons 5 (carbon cycle) and lesson 6 (charles david keeling) in the double on Friday.
Since I will not be around I will have to set lesson 5 as homework over the weekend.
Spend your class time catching up on the worksheets, use the internet to research your answers.

Go to s:\(student shared)\2011\science\climate change\climate change lessons folder to find the resources for the lessons.
I remind you to bring your head phones so you may review the documentary clips and/or movie clips to find your worksheet answers.
There are handouts with information in the climate change resources link above as well.

What you should have finished by now is worksheet 1 (weather), 2 (the sun) and 3 (atmosphere) and 4 (greenhouse effect) by this week (WEEK 5).
worksheet 5 is to be done by start of next week, therefore I will have to set that for homework over the weekend.
I plan to cover 6, 7 and 8 by end of next week (WEEK 6). Hopefully finish up this climate change topic by end of week 7.

I have kept in mind the few students who are struggling, or have missed a lot of classes and need to catch up.
I will allow those more time but I ask you to try your best and not stress and I will discuss a learning plan for you.

I suggest you don't waste too much time on your assignment and to do that at home as we have ALOT of worksheets to cover.
Better to spend class time on them.

I have organised the viewing of "an inconvenient truth" for the last period of Friday as I could not book a computer room then.
There will be hand outs to be filled, pre-read the handouts before you view the video, so you know what information to look for.
There will be questions to fill out while you read and questions to be filled out after you have watched the video.
You won't finish it in one period. We will continue next lesson.
Watch it as there will be valuable information for your worksheets and assignment.

Good Luck,

Best Wishes
Mr Hem.....

]‍[SATURDAY 26/02/2011]

Hi Class,
We got up to lesson 4 (greenhouse gases) since last lesson.
I will introduce lesson 5 next lesson.

Please ensure that you have completed
Lesson 1, 2 and 3 worksheets by next week.
You may find all worksheet in climate change resources link above.

I plan to watch an interesting documentary
"The inconvenient truth" in our next double lesson.
I will have good information for most of the topics in our assignment.

To find more resources go to the schools
s:\ which is student shared drive
in the 2011 folder find the science folder.
Under the science folder, you may find climate change folder.
There will be wmv files to watch to gather information for your worksheets.

]‍[THURSDAY 24/02/2011]

So last lesson we were introduced to our assignment
external image vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document.png Poster Project Assignment.docx
Read it and get an idea of what we need to do.

These are the things we need to finish.
  • NEW Poster Assignment
This poster has no due date yet, but will most likely be handed in either before the End topic Test or after Test.
  • 11 worksheets that correspond to each lesson
We will try to spend the first half of every period coverly briefly each topic in the 11 lessons.
We have completed lesson 1 (climate vs weather) and 2 (The Sun).
Worksheet 1 and 2 are to be handed in by next lesson.
  • End Topic Test.
It will consist of questions from the worksheet, things we discuss in class and research from your projects.

You can go to climate change resources link above.
Note the youtube link can not be viewed via the school network for students.
so go to s:\2011\science\Climate Change\ in the student shared drive.
To find all your answers to the worksheet.

]‍[20/02/2011 SUNDAY]

For those who missed most or all of our Friday Science class,
The above link lead to all the resources for our climate change topic.
We have finished the first lesson (Weather VS Climate) and in the middle of the second lesson (the Sun).
Please review the video links, power-point or handout under each lesson, print out the relevant work sheet and complete them.

Extra Homework Questions were...
Research the all the different types of climates. (eg. Arid Climate, Mediterranean Climate, etc)
Describe each one and give a real life example of a place that has such a climate.

For example....
Mediterranean Climate
Traits of Mediterranean Climate involves irregular rainfall from year to year and occasional uneven rainfall during summer.
The summer droughts that can be dry, and the winters are wet. Overall within temperate conditions without any of the extremities found in the polar or tropical regions of the earth. Melbourne in Australia has a Mediterranean climate pattern.

I have briefly done one climate for you, do the rest!

[[#x[20/02/2011 SUNDAY]-Other News.]]‍Other News.

We aim to get through climate change in 3 weeks, it is the introduction to our next topic STELR (renewable energy).
Most of this topic consist of video reviews, watching documentaries, making notes, class discussion and completing work sheets. Our major assessment is the Test, our minor assessment includes research poster and worksheets to put up on our science walls if they are good enough and worthy. Test material would be selected from the worksheets, information discussed in class, from extra homework research or from the research poster project.

We do not need to bring our science text books during our climate change topic.
I expect you bring your worksheet relevant to this topic.

First Semester
Introduction to the Atom (assessment was the pop quiz)
Climate Change (Major Test, Research Poster)
STELR (Prac Book Assessment, STELR project)

Second Semester
Jurassic and Fossils